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What is the most relevant content for visitors?

If you have your own website, you must want to know where, how and what people are looking at when they were browsing your website. Google Analytics is a great tool to monitor your website in over all. You can find different data indicates how many visitors has opened your website from where and how.

However, you don’t know how people read your content on every single page.

Mouseflow helps you understand your visitors.

Mouseflow is an online service that connect to your own website. It records cursor’s movement when someone is browsing your website. You can replay the recording from Mouseflow’s dashboard. You will see how visitors walking around in your website. This is a good way to observing visitors’ behavior.

Heat-map is very useful.

You can also analyze every single page by looking at heat-maps. By analyzing the maps, it can tell what kind of content is attractive to your visitors. And also you may find what content is boring that nobody cares.

My thanks to Jason Liu for introducing me a very useful tool: Mouseflow.

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